About Ayahuasca Costa Rica

Our vision is to create and support a community to share in the wisdom of sacred plant medicines. Through the plants healing power and conscious work on ourselves, we can grow in a path connected through a healthy and loving Earth-Heart connection.


EARTH is our connection to the entire universe. It is also the ground upon which to nurture self-knowledge and do conscious and healing work.​


PEOPLE means living as a family, recognizing that we are all each other’s mirrors. At the same time, our connection to others is a reminder that we are all part of one whole.


MEDICINE is born out of the desire to heal, searching for allies and tools that connect us to the source of true healing: The Love that teaches us we are our own healers. 

Meet Your Hosts


In Mundo Gente Medicina Josué and Ronit bring together the rich native traditions of North and South America. Josué’s work is steeped in the Lakota Vision Quest.

Josué began his work with Ayahuasca at a retreat center of the Peruvian tradition. As an accomplished musician, he began by sharing his music during ceremonies. But with time, and after establishing a deep connection to the plant spirits, he was given the responsibility of guiding the ceremonies and holding retreats.
After realizing that this was his life path, the vision for Mundo Gente Medicina began to develop: To create a space where healing can occur through the power of Plant Medicines and music of the heart. A place where each person is welcomed with love and fully supported during their work with the plant medicines.


Ronit guides us in Moondance, the Mayan spiritual ceremony celebrating the power of the Feminine.

Ronit is a gifted Yoga and movement teacher and gently helps participants maximize the benefit of the plant medicines through conscious movement and breathwork. Ronit also directs the San Pedro celebrations, helping all express the joy that the magical cactus imparts.​


Gabo, Josue’s brother, assists in the ceremonies and loves to share his reverence for the sacred medicines as a consciousness-raising tool as it has been an essential part of his own spiritual growth. 

Gabo is also in charge of guest communications so he will be the one you will be contacting if you decide to participate in a ceremony or retreat.

Other members of our family and friends are always stopping by, so you will always be a part of a warm and loving family during your stay.