At Mundo Gente Medicina, you come to meet the Plant Medicines and benefit from their gift of healing and wisdom. Holding the ceremonies is therefore done with great care and preparation so that each person achieves the greatest benefit.

​Along with ceremonies, we also put great care into the INTEGRATION process that follows them.  This greatly helps us assimilate the experiences of the medicines and builds a bridge to take these valuable teachings back into our daily lives.

These are some of the tools that we use in the process:

YOGA: The Power of Breath

Using the classic and timeless poses of Shivananda Yoga, Ronit creates a space where we can connect with our body and enter into a space of deep relaxation. She helps us focus on controlling the breath as it is one of the most powerful tools that connects us with the medicines.

Blindfold Meditation

An exercise that teaches us to let go, give up control and learn to tap and trust our intuition and rich inner resources.

Drum Meditation

The ancient and timeless sound of the drum connects us to the heart through its rhythmic trance.

Warrior Dance

Dance connects us to the earth, to our ancestors and to our core joyful self. Through guided, improvisational dance we are comfortable sharing our indomitable warrior spirit.

Mandalas: Giving Form to Vision

Mandala’s are a beautiful tool for inner contemplation. In this exercise, participants have an opportunity to create their own and give form to the visions and experiences that the medicines gift us. 

Silent Walk

A silent walk through the surrounding forest. Keeping our energy within, we put our full attention and tune our senses to the sites and sounds of the earth.

TEMAZCAL (Sweat Lodge)

Our sweat lodge is rooted in the native traditions of North America, The Red Road or the Right Path of Life, and through this work we honor our ancestors, Mother Earth and the four elements.
The Fire and heat is a perfect medium to express gratitude, to let go and to humbly ask for what we need on our path.
The gift of heat is immensely purifying and it is performed next to river where we go to relax and refresh after the session.

Emotional Depth Healing: Reflexology With Esteban.

Working with sacred medicines can bring up buried memories and traumas that in many cases are stored in the body. One of the most powerful healing modalities that can free us from those painful blocks is Reflexology.

We are fortunate to have a master healer at Mundo Gente Medicina, Esteban. Esteban can greatly accelerate your healing journey and combines a deep knowledge of Reflexology, profound medical intuition and a reverence for sacred medicines.

Esteban’s treatments are extremely powerful. With laser-like precision he locates the points in the feet and lower legs where old blocks and traumas are buried. These blocks and traumas are experienced as sharp or burning pain when touched. With enormous compassion and patience, Esteban works with you in identifying the source of the pain and through pressure and gentle stimulation, helps you RELEASE them.

Combined with the soul healing provided by the sacred medicines, Esteban’s work can truly enhance the powerful transformation that a stay at Mundo Gente Medicina offers you.