Benjamin, United States.
I cannot begin to express verbally, my gratitude to these people and this medicine for the experience that I feel has changed my life permanently, and for the better. 
The truth is I was called to this place, I was called to this medicine. I would like to thank all of the small nuances that led me to this place and these people. 
I would like to thank God, and I would like to thank my wife for coming with me. I don’t know much about the medicine, other than what I experienced during 2 ceremonies, I do know that I will not be interested in doing it outside of Mundo Gente, and that I will be sending people here, and coming back here yearly, to do work on myself. Yes, this is the most introspective experience I’ve ever had. In many ways, I was put in uncomfortable places to deal with things that I had to deal with, that I hadn’t dealt with and in some cases, I was shown who I could be, who I would be, if I remained faithful to myself, my life, and my soul. I saw the other side, whatever that means, I feel that I had an experience in the spiritual realm. 
It was more vast and beautiful that I could have imagined, and I am forever grateful for this experience. In some ways, the medicine showed me where I was wrong about what I thought, and in some cases, that I was correct and to keep going. Much of my has been spent in concern, worry, and depression. I now feel that I have access to the tools which have been there within me, all along, to deal with these things. I did not feel that way before going. 
I cannot express the importance of setting intention, my experience, and the experience that I heard other people were having, was largely a result of the intention set. The ceremony is organized in such a way to encourage you deeply, to set an intention for yourself and your journey. 
Whether you do or not is really on you, my advice is DO set a strong intention. 
Another thing I realized is that there was nothing to be afraid of, and there really isn’t. In life, we get what we ask for, whether we know it or not. This experience was very much a microcosmic of life. 
I came to this place broken and afraid, I left whole and confident. The truth is, I didn’t want to leave, and I will be back, sooner the better, there is still much work do be done. 
As they will tell you at the end, the work now begins. I have noticed that to be very true. 

Alexander, United States.
I’ve been afraid my whole life.  From nightmares as a child to pressure to not to fail all throughout college.  I was afraid to write this testimonial and that’s why it took me over a year to do it.  My fear comes in all shapes and sizes.  Large fears, of uncertainty for the future of humanity and small fears of starting a new project or reading a book.  I am afraid of wasting my time.  I am afraid of acknowledging these fears.  How do I deal with this? Let alone, where is my place in this world?

These fears drove me to travel with my girlfriend, Makayla, to Costa Rica where I would face my fears at an ayahuasca retreat in May 2016, where I met Josue Cano and his sister Carolina. .When we arrived, my fears were raging inside me, but one bear hug from Josue melted all of them away.After that retreat I was a new person. Still the same in a lot of ways but I had learned to trust myself more and I had hope.  The first ceremony gave me all the confidence and will to continue on this journey of self discovery.  With a new found confidence I knew that I would return to reach more healing and continue to uncover more storms.  Fear never goes away.  It is a part of life.  My acceptance of that still continues writing this.

As 2017 rolled around we reached out to Josue and learned that he had not only left his apprenticeship in Cartago (Costa Rica) to start his own retreat with his family, but he also married his girlfriend Ronit! Makayla and I returned that May. While I enjoyed our first retreat in Cartago, somehow the new retreat was even better. Josue and Ronit make the perfect team and are meant to do this healing work.

Fast forward to today, 2 years and 7 ceremonies later. Fear of starting something new has been linked to trauma that’s deep within me which that I am starting to unlock. I can’t put into words all of what I am feeling. I’m just seeing the expressions.  Once I started accepting this fear, I recognize it more.  It is easy for me to put things off. Being afraid to try, gives me an excuse.  Thus making it even easier to not live up to my true potential.  However, this is not who I want to be.  Ayahuasca showed me I could be so much more.  Acknowledging my depression, my suppressed thoughts, memories, and emotions has put me back on the path to finding out who I truly am and who I truly want to be.  While it may be tough at times I know it is worth.  I have felt the truth in that.  In turn make for a more desirable Alex to myself and others.

Ayahuasca Has reminded me of who I am in a way that shows me that I already know too.  I just have to let go to remember.  I have to use the tools I’ve been given. My will alone will stop me or guide me.  This is my hope.  Hope reminded to me by the Sacred Mother.  Like Peia’s song pleads: “Remember why you came here.  Remember your life is sacred.”  I have remembered that my life is sacred and I’m still remembering why I came here.  This is my life journey.  A gift from God I shall no longer take for granted.  To live in this gratitude is to live in love.  From the depths of my soul I am eternally grateful to the healers of this retreat, to all the sacred plants and to the Spirit that unites us all.

Maria, Belgium
The group of Mundo Gente Medicina are the nicest people I met in Costa Rica. They treated us all as family. They took care of us as only people with the best intentions can do. We had delicious, healthy meals, nice bedrooms and inspiring conversations. During the ceremonies they made sure we felt relaxed and safe so that we could spread our wings and fly high. What I liked most about their style is that they approached the medicine with humility, respect and gratitude. 

The ceremonys were life changing for me. I experienced the most beautiful moments of my life as the most challenging ones. It was not always easy, but I have no words to describe how grateful I am for the great insights I received about myself and life in general. I can believe that this ceremonys can be very helpful for people who seek healing, as for those who are looking to get an openminded experience. 

Thanks to the family of Mundo Gente Medicina! 
Thank you for your open heart! 

I’m sure I’ll come back! 

Cameron, United States

It was the usual dark and lonely night. I sat in front my computer holding in the bellows of a tortured soul. “I can’t do this anymore… I can’t go on like this.. I know there is more to life. There must be more. Please, I need guidance.” I had been hunting the internet for ways to overcome a miserable life. But nothing I read felt right, I had tried it all. I was about to give up when I noticed a link for Mundo Gente Medicina. “Spending time in retreat is a precious gift to yourself.” When was the last time I had truly given myself a gift? I felt the urge to click the link. After reading the main page a spark went off in my brain. This is it. This FEELS right. A 10 day retreat working with a family and sacred plant medicine. Plus the opportunity had yoga, meditation and reflexology. I took a deep breath and felt the courage surge into my hands. I immediately sent them a message asking about the retreat. The response I received was genuine and informative. I felt comfortable and so I proceeded signing up. The retreat was at the end of October and so I had time to prepare myself for the journey. And with the kind communication with the family I knew that any questions I had would be answered with honesty and caring. This is not to say I didn’t have fears… I did. But I knew if I wanted to heal my life that I had to take a chance. 

I had never been outside of the United States. Nor had I been on a retreat, traveled alone or worked with these sacred plant medicines. Every aspect of the entire experience was completely new to me. I knew that this is where growth would take place. I embarked on a brand new journey. And when I landed in Costa Rica they were waiting for me with my name on a sign. The whole trip easy and welcoming. When we made it to their house I was accepted with open arms that were filled with love. I have never met such loving, compassionate, honest and authentic people in the whole of my existence. When I started here, I was in a very dark place and their light reached down deep into my soul comforting me. The atmosphere was very comforting and relaxing. Every member of the family was completely open and willing to share with me the lessons they have learned along their paths. I will admit, I was very closed off and fearful when I showed up. But they were their for me regardless of how I felt.

Each day we had activities planned and were there as tools not only to prepare us for the meetings with sacred plant medicines but also as tools for living a better life. Tools to help make a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you. I have been working to become vegan and they assisted me on this task. They are skilled in the kitchen and created spectacular dishes made of fresh food and love. The food was so delicious that I now have no desire to return to my old eating habits; but have now started learning how to cook my very own tasty vegan meals. I look forward to the day I can make food as appetizing as they do.

I will be honest when I say that working with the sacred plant medicine isn’t always easy and it’s not all fun and games. And perhaps it’s not for everyone. Each time I met with the medicine was completely different than the time before. The first night I met with a lot of my demons and to be honest was ready ready to quit and fly home the next day. But I trusted in the family and their work and waited to make a decision. And boy am I glad that I did. As the days progressed I started letting go of so much of my fear and anger and could feel my depression and anxiety lifting away. I slowly started opening up and could feel the love growing inside of me. I feel that my body and mind both were being cleansed and becoming stronger allowing my soul to start blossoming again. I will say that at the beginning I needed a lot of alone time for whatever reason. And they allowed this and as I started feeling better I was welcomed into the group as a part of the family. They were very accepting and accommodating of my needs.

By the end of the retreat I felt truly felt at peace with myself and the world. Not to say that all my problems are fixed and I no longer need to work. But now I feel that I have the energy and more tools to keep progressing and growing in my life. To be able to take the lessons and tools I gained on this retreat and bring them back into my life here in the States is a gift that I hold dear. I cherish the memories of this retreat and am so happy I had the courage to take a chance to improve my life. I am truly blessed to have met such wonderful people and hold them in my heart. I felt at home with them and didn’t want to leave! I am so grateful to Mundo Gente Medicina and the space that they hold allowing me and assisting me in working and reconnecting with life on every level.

I like to describe the retreat like this: My life had been blanketed with the complete darkness of a moonless night. And each day that I was there the sun began to rise more and more until life was a perfect shinning day filled with warmth and light allowing me, like a rose, to blossom, open up and express the divine being that I am.

Truly words can not describe the awesome power and beauty of this whole experience. If I had to relive my life over and over I would choose this amazing 10-day retreat with Mundo Gente Medicina everytime. It is my wish that these words have helped shine some clarity on this experience and show a new, refreshing perspective.

Peace, Love & Tranquility,

Jasmine, Australia

 There are not enough positive words to describe the experiences I’ve been humbled to share with this crew! With the Mundo Gente Medicina family, you will feel just that – that you are being welcomed as family. I cannot imagine a more supportive, loving and joyful environment in which to explore the power of the plant medicines.

Josue, Ronit and co will guide you through healing, elevate you to a state of celebration, and weave an unforgettable journey of aural bliss with their beautiful music. They have the ability to create space that feels truly special, and the intuition to recognise what each attendee needs at the time it is needed – whether it be a touch, a word, a smile or solitude.
I was called first by the medicine, but each time I am called back it is because of the people. They are just as much a part of the ‘magic’ as the plants themselves.​

Warren L., United States

My time spent with Ronit and Cano was priceless. Ever want to find forgiveness? Want to experience a world far more ‘real’ than the one we live? Want to open your heart to all living beings? Want to find a sense of peace beyond words can convey? Maybe you will, maybe you won’t, this was only my experience during ceremony, and each person’s journey is different. However, I have never met anyone who walked away from experiencing the power of the medicine who was not changed for the better. 

As far as Shamans go, the balance between the Feminine and Masculine energy in ceremony was perfect for me. Both Ronit and Cano, along with their family as attendees to the ceremony guest are beyond my words to properly define, so I will simply write, “Love.” The songs, energy, and care shared between them, and their guest are pure nurturement for the Spirit. Each morning after ceremony I felt reborn, filled with Love, and ready to face all challenges with a renewed sense of optimism. 

In this world I see many things that are darkness. Over my lifetime it took its toll, programming me (for lack of better words) to see the world in hurtful ways, and act selfishly. There is no doubt the medicine and time shared with the Ayahuasca, and its carriers (Cano and Ronit) helped me to begin to heal myself, and desire to be a better person. To sum up, simply liberating and validating spiritually for me. 

If called from your Spirit within to attend ceremony, and guided to these words, you are being given an opportunity to step beyond the limitations of this world, and experience the greater Creation we are all connected to. If you are a skeptic, then attend a ceremony and prove me wrong. Either way you will find your Truth.. Blessings from a fellow traveler and Brother

I love and miss you guys! Your brother always..

Monica G., Alajuela, Costa Rica
I want to share how I came across the remarkable path of Ayahuasca:

Life holds beautiful lessons, and my wonder never ceases at how the ones we must learn arrive at our doorstep.
A friend told me about “The Medicine”, and when I did a search for the ideal venue, found the love of Josue and his sister Caroline who were guiding the ceremonies. What I discovered was that they truly accompany you, making for an easier experience throughout the event

Ayahausca has opened up a new understanding of life: Its lessons remain with me every day, and even though this path is only begining, my hope is to regain the wise teachings that are within. That celestial wisdom has always been there, and with humility my intention is to incorporate it though my daily living. 

There are many ways, many paths to explore the self, and with Ayahuasca I have found the most loving.

Peter S., Santa Ana, Costa Rica

​I discovered Ayahuasca at a point in my life in which I was experiencing some paralyzing blocks because of FEAR. No matter what therapy I engaged in or effort I made, the fear would always return as a haunting shadow. One day my wife was watching video’s on YouTube and clicked on one about Ayahuasca. I was immediately drawn to it and intuitively knew that this was something I had to experience. 

I have the good fortune to live in Costa Rica, so after doing a search on local ayahuasca centers, found one that offered individual ceremonies. Josue Cano was the plant medicine guide, and having been trained in the Peruvian tradition, the ceremony began with beautiful purification rituals. In my case it was a few hours before the Ayahuasca took effect, but once it did the experience was so powerful and profound, anything else I had experienced in my life paled in comparison. 

The experience took place on man levels: The beautiful visions that are commonly described, but most importantly, an overwhelming sense of connection and love to all life. I had often read about the “Divine Mother” in spirituality, and thanks to This magical plant, I was given the direct experience. But there was also another very important component, and the only way to describe it is that I had a gut-level, direct experience of my personal contract with DARKNESS. I could literately see how the fear I was experiencing in my life was something I had attracted and was COMPLETELY responsible for. This was an incredibly HUMBLING experience because I could no longer play the victim. And finally, through its powerful purging qualities, I had the opportunity to begin LETTING go of this contract.

Throughout the ceremony, Josue and his assistants made sure that I was comfortable and safe. The Ayahuasca greatly heightened my intuition, and it was uncanny how they always knew when to be around me or say some words that would help me move through a powerful emotion.

I had the opportunity to participate in some ceremonies with what I was told was a “real shaman”, but realized that for me, Josue was more in tune with the energy and spirit of the Sacred Plant. Since then I have participated in many ceremonies and highly recommend anyone that wants to experience Ayahuasca to participate in a ceremony with Josue and his family!