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We are a family run retreat center in Costa Rica. We specialize in Ayahuasca and other Sacred Medicines for people who want to experience their healing power in a peaceful and intimate Costa Rica setting. Enjoy being cared for and renew yourself through the magic of nature’s healing medicines. 

Our Retreats

All year long we offer programmed 10-day retreats where we focus primarily on Ayahuasca and San Pedro. During these retreats we also offer the option of working with other sacred medicines as well

Sacred Medicines

We are blessed to be in contact with different sacred medicine traditions of North and South America. This vibrant contact makes an energy bridge where it is possible to work with these medicines in a profound and integrated way.​


Spending time in retreat is a precious gift to yourself. At Gente mundo we support the powerful work of the Plant Medicines with a rich variety of meditation practices, yoga, breathwork, and expressive movement.

Preparing For a Retreat

One of the most important factors as you contemplate a sacred medicine retreat is PREPARATION. The more you prepare the more you will benefit from the retreat.
At Mundo Gente Medicina, we create a safe and comfortable environment and support each person’s journey no matter how it manifests. We work with the understanding that the plant medicine is giving each one of us EXACTLY what we need to heal and grow. 

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